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Dissolving Iwa-enogu

Kneading Pigment

Here we use videos to introduce techniques such as kneading pigment and nikawa in an easy to understand way.
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Kneading Iwa Enogu

Video length/2:41

Tools:Shin Iwa Enogu GUNJO no.10, palette, water ladle, nikawa, brush cleaner, colored pencil

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Kneading Gofun

Video length/4:07

Tools:Gofun (kinpo), nikawa, mortar and pestle, brush washer, palette Place an adequate amount of gofun in the mortar.

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Kneading Suihi Enogu

Video length/2:44

Tools:Suihi ROKUSHO, mortar and pestle, palette, water ladle, nikawa, brush washer, colored pencil

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Making Nikawa

Video length/2:49

Tools:Banshu nikawa, water (200 ml), heatproof beaker, stove burner, wooden spatula

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Applying Dhosa

Video length/3:39

Tools:Nikawa (100ml), alum (5g), water (900ml), large container, stove burner, ladle, large plate, blanket, dhosa hake

Disposing of leftover nikawa

Video length/3:31

Tools:Leftover nikawa, alum (5g), hydrated lime, sieve, wooden spatula, bucket (large container), newspaper

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