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Particle Grades

Particle Grades

Nakagawa’s Iwa Enogu is divided into Tennen Iwa Enogu, Shin Iwa Enogu and Kyojyo Iwa Enogu.
Both of these types are made from crushing a solid block into a powder, sorting this powder into 10 grades depending on particle size then classifying into the standardization numbers shown below.

Iwa-Enogu Grain Grades

The striking colors of signature Iwa Enogu – Gunjo, Matsuba Rokusyo, Shin Iwa Enogu and Kyojyo Iwa Enogu.

Tennen iwaEnogu


Gunjo is a traditional Nihonga pigment made from Azurite. The beauty of its deep, intense blue color has seen it used as a precious premium pigment from antiquity.


The ingredient of Matsuba rokusyo is Malachite, a mineral in the monoclinic crystal system. The green bands which form on malachite resemble the feathers of a peacock, hence it is also known as "Kujyaku-seki" (Peacock Stone).

Shin iwaEnogu



Kyojyou iwaEnogu